The Calm before the Storm

Following on from the post about my recent visit to Iceland, here’s a bit more about the volcano causing the latest storm.



Water drainage basins at the glacier bed for the principal rivers draining Vatnajökull. Subglacial water-filled cupolas, located under depressions in the glacier surface, collect meltwater and periodically drain by means of jökulhlaups. In order to determine water divide locations on a regional scale, a model was employed which assumed that water pressure at the glacier bed is approximately equal to the ice overburden pressure. – Vatnasvæði helstu jökulfljóta sem falla frá Vatnajökli. (From Reviewed Research Article ” Icelandic Glaciers ” By Helgi Björnsson and Finnur Pálsson)

First, a few reminders:

* The vedur / en.vedur servers are VITAL to the Icelandic authorities responsible for Public Safety. Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE post a link / picture here or on ANY other website as this can cause and has caused their main server to crash!!! .
* Official news (stone tablets) will be issued through the appropriate Icelandic authorities as and…

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