Imagekind Featured Artist and Exhibition

I was notified earlier today that I had been selected as one of the featured artists for the day at Imagekind. It’s not the first time, but it’s always a privilege to be selected.

On a similar note, I currently have three images being exhibited in the Musgrove Gallery at Musgrove Park Hospital, as part of their Hidden Talents exhibition. There are a number of good artworks there that are well worth a viewing.


About avalonlightphotoart

I have been photographing with DSLRs since 2007, but have also used negative film many years ago and slide film more recently. Avalon Light Photoart specialises in nature photography from the southwest of England, particularly wildlife and landscapes from Somerset. A number of landscapes from Scotland and the Isle of Skye are also available. Prints and licences can be purchased from the main website.
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2 Responses to Imagekind Featured Artist and Exhibition

  1. Congratulations, Richard1 A deserved pick for sure.

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