BWP Awards Deadline Approaches

It’s the final few weeks before the deadline of this year’s British Wildlife Photography Awards. I’ve been busy compiling my selections ready for entry and have found around 15 possibles, although probably only four or five have any real chance and I only have high hopes for maybe two or three. I had hoped to supplement it with a couple more, based on some plans I’ve had for a couple of years, but the weather hasn’t played ball. It’s a little early in the summer really, but I need warm weather (not necessarily sunny) with light or very light winds. It’s been very dry since the beginning of April, but the subject bird only arrives in May in large numbers and it’s been pretty windy, which affects the flight of its prey. Most of my best shots in the past have been in June, so any entries will probably need to wait until at least next year.


About avalonlightphotoart

I have been photographing with DSLRs since 2007, but have also used negative film many years ago and slide film more recently. Avalon Light Photoart specialises in nature photography from the southwest of England, particularly wildlife and landscapes from Somerset. A number of landscapes from Scotland and the Isle of Skye are also available. Prints and licences can be purchased from the main website.
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